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1-DAY FREE EVENT: Discover The Ancient Forgotten Truths To Look Young, Lose Weight, Live Long And Have More Energy!

Take Control Of Your Health, Relationship, Career And Life With Skip Archimedes in this educational event. This is NOT a recruitment drive for MLM or financial product. We are only looking for people who genuinely want to learn the secrets to lasting youth and vitality.

1-Day Training in Manila
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LIVE IN MANILA - 5 Aug Sat, 9am-6pm @ Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria Hotel, Ortigas

Darren Saw Darren Saw

I lost 11kg in 3 months! My neck pain, stiff shoulder sinusitis and GERD have all been relieved…

After Skip’s event, I changed my lifestyle and now look so much better and healthier than before. My neck pain, sinusitis, stiff shoulder and GERD symptoms have all been relieved. Ultimately, I want to be a father & husband who is full of health, energised and full of vitality for my family!

Eddie Chen Eddie Chen

My Energy Is SOARING…My High Blood Pressure Has Normalised!…

…I used to be on medication for High Blood Pressure and was close to being diagnosed with Diabetes. After attending Skip’s event my blood pressure normalised and my doctor even told me to get off the medication permanently!

7 Reasons Why You Should Supercharge Your Life

  • Achieve A Better Body Inside and Out!
  • Say Goodbye To Aches and Pains!
  • Increase Your Mental Focus!
  • Lose Weight Without Starving & Keep It Off Forever!
  • Reverse The Aging Process And Stay Youthful!
  • Potentially Get Rid of Illnesses And Diseases!
  • Create Your Own Destiny And Live Your Life With Energy, Passion & Purpose!
1-Day Training in Manila
Click Here To Register (FREE For First 100)

Who Is Skip Archimedes - The Miracle Man?


Skip began his career as a competitive gymnast and reached the heights of British Gymnastic Champion.

Then during a training session he experienced a living nightmare; he broke his back!

Doctors and Specialists said he would never walk again!

Unwilling to accept the answer Skip went on a mission to find a cure. With intensive research within just 6 months, Skip began to learn how to walk again. Within just 18 months he had returned to full fitness and became British Gymnastics Champion again!

Yet now he had a wealth of knowledge on health and vitality, and the power of having the right mindset. 

As a transformational coach to the rich and famous, Skip has worked with many big names like Sir Richard Branson, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tony Robbins.

In 2015, Skip was awarded the Brand Personality Award by BrandLaureate for his vast experiences in helping and transforming lives!

Skip now dedicates his life to help people overcome health issues and share the long forgotten ancient secrets that enabled him to triumph over his early disasters and now allow him to live a vibrant, healthy and happy life.   

SKIP - The Movie Producer

Skip is the producer of an upcoming movie "Forever Young" where he worked with 22 leading authors , doctors and experts across the globe who are already making a positive impact on the world today.

He believes this movie will help people feel younger, live longer, and love  doing what they love in life with purpose and passion.

Skip now dedicates his life to help people overcome health, business and finance issues and share his message about the benefits of a life with optimum wealth, health and success.   

High Energy, Interactive and Fun... You Absolutely Need To Be Here!

If you are excited and curious to learn even just ONE of the following—grab your ticket to this 1-day intensive training now!

  • A proven system that will increase your HEALTH, ENERGY and VITALITY within just a few days.. you can now take control of your life, business and career at higher levels
  • How to remove this #1 modern killer which is the major cause of over 60% of all human illness and disease… Master 3 life-saving strategies to fight this killer and possibly prolong your life!
  • How to regain the energy you had as a child so you can leave behind aches, pains and challenges and live every day with an abundance of energy and well-being
  • The truth about where your energy comes from – 99.9% of people don’t know this. When you know the answer and learn how to harness your energy, your life can change instantly
  • Debunking the top 3 lies, myths and misconceptions of mainstream health and nutrition
  • The time-tested formula that you can use to eradicate many of those ailments that have held you back in life
  • Easily develop an amazing body inside and out. This will raise your self-esteem and confidence and attract more opportunities
  • The number #1 thing most people don’t realize about life’s challenges – knowing this one thing is pivotal for unlocking your true energy and power
  • The SHOCKING truth: What pharmaceutical companies are hiding from you and don’t want you to know.
  • Paying for most high street supplements, is like paying for expensive pee… They don’t work and offer little or no nutritional value. Stop wasting your money and find out what you can do to put these essentials into your body daily

BONUS FOR ATTENDING10-Day Challenge Action Plan

When you leave this powerful training, you will receive my 10-day challenge supercharged action plan where I will show you how to reinvent your body, get you inspired and motivated to wake up energetic every day looking forward to win every challenge coming your way!

1-Day Training in Manila
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This is not a recruitment drive for MLM or financial products. It is a purely educational event proudly organised by Wealth Mentors, a leading coaching organization in Asia since 2003 and recipient of the prestigious Promising SME 500 Award (Platinum Category)

Tamer Hassan, TV & Movie star Tamer Hassan, TV & Movie star

Lose my belly, got me fit, my skin is nice, got my jawline back and I'm focused.

He's such an interesting guy, with an experience of magnitude. He educated me, helped me lose my belly, got me fit, my skin is nice, got my jawline back, stopped smoking and I'm focused. I can't thank Skip enough.

Janette Skipper Janette Skipper

Skip has helped me to regain the energy I had in my youth…

I’m now in my 70’s and feel at least 30 years younger. I have lost weight and feel fitter and happier than I have for a long time. I can now live out my retirement in a body that will keep me going for the next 30 years.”

Who Should Attend This Training?

Here's More Transformation Case Studies...

Carmen Tan used to take about 70 prescription pills and painkillers every 3-4 days for her 2 severe illnesses.

Now she has gotten rid of her medical ailments and no longer take any of these drugs. In addition she lost 8 kg and has more energy.

She has recently won an award from her company voted by the country leaders and also found the time to set up her own company!

Selene Chan lost 5 kg and stopped drinking coffee altogether. She has been a coffee addict since she was 5-6 years old.

Now she sleeps better like a baby. She feels great and her mind is very clear. A lot of past memories she has long forgotten is now coming back!

Candy Wong said her  joint pains, headaches, migraines were all gone! She says, "If you love your life, never think about it… just come! Life is beautiful if you are with Skip!"

Tan Xiu Li used to be on medical leave 1-2 times a month, until her boss has to ask her to do something about her exceptionally high MC (medical certificate) rate.

After receiving Skip's coaching, she has never claimed a single MC in the last 5 months 🙂 She used to suffer from insomnia and now sleeps soundly.



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1-Day Training in Manila
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