3 Days Of Rapid Transformation With Skip The Miracle Man...

Now You Can Achieve Real Breakthrough Results With Your Physical Body, Nutrition, Money and Emotions!

Price: 100,000 Pesos (about SGD2,799 or RM8,799) per person
Twin sharing 3-night accommodation excludes airfare and transfers

Breakthrough Mastery With Skip Archimedes
Training: 31 August to 3 September 2017

To register, email to register@wealth-mentors.com or call (+63) 02-902 0996 Philippines or (+65) 31590996 Singapore  or (+603) 2788 4996 Malaysia today!

We’ve forgotten how to live in the 21st century and that’s why we’ve got:

  • All these pain, aches, sufferings, illnesses, chronic diseases and depression
  • People not being happy
  • People with money issues
  • People in jobs and relationships that are not satisfied with

“Breakthrough Mastery” is specially designed by Skip The Miracle Man to help you connect your mind, body and spirit so that you can get to live your dreams in body you’re proud of.

In 3 days, your life is going to be transformed…  that we promise you.

It is not a gimmick it’s not a fad.. it is the REAL TRUTH.

You will experience personal breakthroughs in:

  • Making a radical change to your physical body
  • Getting you into a magical state of being that allows you to manifest whatever you wish for
  • Connecting with your universal intelligence that empowers you!

Working alongside with other like-minded members is the fastest way to achieve positive and permanent change.

Get up close and personal with the Master and you will return from these 3 days a different and better person – with the knowledge, skills and practical experience to bring your life to the next level!

Imagine what that life will be like…

Every breath that you take in allows life force energy pulsing through you…

Every single day you are able to wake up living your dreams!

Imagine how that life will be a different experience for you…

With better health, energy and vitality!

Want To Know Even More About Breakthrough Mastery? Click The Videos Below.

Physical Breakthroughs

  • Rebuild your body to find more strength, balance and power!
  • Ice baths may seem scary but you can find the strength inside you to accomplish this challenge... Click on the video below to see how these Breakthrough Mastery participants had fun with their ice baths:)

Nutritional Breakthroughs

  • How to prepare delicious food that nourishes your body and soul

Emotional Breakthroughs

  • Experience mental conditioning, healing meditation, detoxing your emotions so that you can be unshakable in your life challenges!

Money Breakthroughs and More...

  • Rebuild a new relationship with money so that you become a money magnet... money flows to you with ease doing the very things you love!
  • How to have the energy of an excited child pumping through your body
  • Energy-boosting lifestyle tips
  • Long term motivational strategies and tons more!
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Click The Video Below For What Skip's Clients Are Saying About Breakthrough Mastery

Skip's Mum At Breakthrough Mastery

Breakthrough Mastery is what you need to take back control to become your own Master.

Skip will guide you through each process easily and eloquently, whilst having lots of fun in this process.

This will be the 3 life-transformational days you will remember for the rest of your life!

Breathtaking View of Taal Volcano & the Lake Waiting for you in Tagaytay!

Discover the landmark which is deeply entrenched in the history and heritage of Tagaytay City, Taal Vista Hotel.

Taal Vista Hotel has existed for countless decades making it an iconic landmark of Tudor-styled 5-Star hotel with panoramic view of the majestic Taal Volcano and the lake.

And with its proximity to the city center and other amenities make Taal Vista the melting pot of tourists and travelers

A 1.5 hr drive from Manila International Airport and vast landscaped area within the hotel and iconic view of the volcano and its tranquil lake, this makes an ideal venue for Skip's Breakthrough Mastery

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